FindVUK Online Database

Here you can get an keydb.cfg file that can be used for bluray playback with e.g. VLC or many other applications.

For detailed information how you can use this file please take a look at the following pages:
Archive page of previous OnlineDB from Starbuck

For more details or questions take a look here: DOOM9 - FindVUK Thread


Current database:

LastUpdate: 2020-07-09 07:17:01
Current Number of MetaEntries: 12665
Current Number of LegacyEntries: 92882

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Small explanation about the difference between Meta and Legacy Entries:

MetaEntries: source of the entries is FindVUK and all data is verified - so e.g. the VUK or UnitKeys from those entries are validated and known to work!
(with one small exception - in case the entries could not be validated because of BusEncryption they are still uploaded, but get the comment 'not validated')
LegacyEntries: FindVUK supports synchronisation of the local keydb.cfg file with the OnlineDB
In case there are entries in the local file that are not yet available they are sent to the OnlineDB and added as LegacyEntries
Source and quality of this entries is unknown and so they might or might not be valid at all.


keydb.cfg - Language English (10630 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language French (967 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language German (940 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Spanish (785 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Italian (616 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Dutch (415 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Portuguese (341 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Japanese (314 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Russian (219 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Korean (176 entries)
keydb.cfg - Language Catalan (152 entries)

Small explanation why it's possible to download in different languages:

1) technically it does not make any difference - all information required for decoding are identical in all languages!
2) for MetaXML entries all titles available on the disc are also available in the online database
-> it's possible to create special keydb files where the 'title' is using a special language.
Above you'll find the languages with >=100 own entries - the titles of all other entries in file
are english if available or in worst case a random title from the available languages.

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